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Khao Takiab information and online guide

Welcome to 'The Village'

We have information on Khao Takiab hotels, resorts and guesthouses with online booking along with apartments for rent and holiday villas or guesthouses. Restaurants, bars and nightlife, beaches, temples, markets, attractions and activities are all covered here. We will also bring you news of latest developments and new businesses in the area. In addition to this are the many original photos that we have been taking for this Khao Takiab online guide.

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Khao Takiab Accommodation
There are plenty of guesthouses, hotels, resorts and accommodation options in Khao Takiab and more are being built as you read this. With Hua Hin getting busier every season more people are looking towards Khao Takiab for their stay. Small guest houses, hotels and resorts are on the increase and accommodation prices range from 500 baht a night to thousands in luxury hotels and resorts. Take a look at our Khao Takiab accommodation page for more info and online booking of Khao Takiab guesthouses, hotels, resorts and accommodation.

Whats in a name?
Khao Takiab can be written several ways in English: Khao Takiab, Kao Takiab, Khao Takiap, Kao Takiap, Takiep, Takieb, and so on. We have decided to stick with the one that follows the Thai closest เขาตะเกียบ or Khao Takiab. The name itself actually means "Chopstick Hill".

The geography of Khao Takiab is quite simple a main road runs through the center of the small village and the hill dominates the coastline with beautiful beaches on either side. There are numerous temples, elephant camps, rustic local restaurants, five star resorts and a fishing village.

Our Khao Takiab map shows the location of the major hotels and attractions in the area. We will be adding further information as we get it, feel free to contact us if you wish to contribute anything to this site.

Hua Hin has its own character, different from what you'll find in Khao Takiab, for the latest news and information on Hua Hin check out the local message board below:

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